Develop Your Voice

For those who have completed an introductory singing course. Develop and extend your voice skills and music theory practice further. More time will be spent on singing in harmony and learning repertoire from different genres of music. There may even be an opportunity to sing individually should you feel comfortable in doing so!


  • Face-to-Face


  • Learning to be disciplined with the correct breathing techniques for warm ups.
  • Tackling music theory and sight reading skills.
  • Singing repertoire in part-harmony and tricks to keep you in tune and on track.
  • Learning to build confidence in solo singing and abating the nerves.
  • Learning more about rhythm, keeping the pulse and applying it to repertoire.


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Gain personal insight and techniques as to how their singing voice works with ease.
  2. Practice at home with safe techniques to ensure voice longevity.
  3. Unleash the mystery of reading music and be able to apply it to repertoire.
  4. Sing in harmony with confidence and musical intelligence.
  5. Co-ordinate rhythmic patterns in speaking and singing their song.

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Course testimonials:

  • The content of the course was remarkable.