Yoga And Pilates - Stretch And Strengthen

Using basic principles of Pilates and Yoga to strengthen and align the body. A fun session that encourages feedback from participants and provides modifications to allow for injuries and physical limitations. Breath is used as a focus and relaxation at end of class. Pilates aims to strengthen the core muscles of the torso. The simple exercises to enable this have to be done with care and precision and are often repetitive. This course is at a beginners level and can be used as introduction to more advanced work. Not suitable for pregnant women.

Yoga in its basic Hatha form also works on the core muscles but goes further to tone up the inner organs such as liver, digestive system, lungs and heart. Nerve pathways are opened and circulation improved. With time the heart rate can be slowed down and anxiety decreased as tension is released from 'held' areas such as hamstrings, glutes and neck. With patience and good humour in accepting limitations we may have and keeping going it is possible to progress to a more efficiently movable body that in turn leads to being more relaxed in everyday life.

This class will be delivered face-to-face at WEA Sydney. Enrolling students need to ensure they have read the current COVID-19 Safety Guidance that WEA Sydney has put in place before enrolling.

Note: Please complete the attached form entitled WEA Sydney – Student Health Assessment and Class Agreement and bring to the first session of your class.

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Course testimonials:

  • Welcoming. Friendly. Professional. Relaxed. Comfortable. Achievable for all levels of experience and physical ability. Enjoyed it immensely!