Writing Your Travels

How can you turn memorable travel experiences into the written word? Traveller and author Jan Cornall has been writing memoir, short stories and articles for a number of years based on her travels in SE Asia. Whether you want to write in the short or long form, in this workshop she will show you how to use the literary techniques of creative nonfiction to bring your travel story to life. Voice, setting, character, and the quest of the narrator/traveller, are all important elements of telling a good travel story. Get started on your travel writing project and set goals and timetables for completion.


  • Face-to-Face


Enrolling students will need to bring a notebook/pens and a plain paged scrap book (at least A4 size) as well as a couple of books by your favourite travel writers and any jottings from your travels.

  • An introductory discussion on the great travel storytellers including: Paul Theroux, Bruce Chatwin, Robyn Davidson, Dervla Murphy and more. Bring your favourite travel writers to share.
  • Writing exercise on your most memorable travel experience.
  • The essential elements of a good travel story.
  • How to make best use of research, note taking and photos.
  • Creating your outline, synopsis, setting do-able goals for daily writing.
  • Publishing your work: who to approach, how to get your travel story out there.


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Have knowledge and appreciation of the literary techniques of the great travel story tellers.
  2. Have practical tools for creating maps and story outlines for short travel stories, articles or travel memoir.
  3. Use different techniques for capturing travel memories.
  4. Have confidence in their ability to write an interesting and compelling travel story.
  5. Set timetables and goals for completion of their travel story.
  6. Have some pointers on how to approach publishers and magazines.

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