WordPress - Mastering the Basics

How to use WordPress to build beautiful websites, quickly and effectively. If you are starting a small business and need a website and online presence, this is the course for you. Learn how to create your own easy-to-update website and blog at this hands-on course. You’ll learn how to customise and publish a website, add posts and pages, upload audio and video files using WordPress.com (no coding required). Our experienced trainers will then take you through the more advanced features offered by Wordpress.org if you enrol in our more intensive course, WordPress Whizz, including integrating with social media, adding a shopping cart and search engine optimisation as well as more advanced plugins and security.

Training on this software has been broken into two separate courses:

  • WordPress – Mastering the Basics
  • WordPress Whizz


  1. Create a WordPress.com account and get familiar
  2. Perform basic functions in Dashboard
  3. Understand personal settings and managing your account
  4. Setup a static front page and enter Posts and Pages
  5. Work with Media by Insert Images and Video
  6. Manage Comments
  7. Syndication and set up Subscriptions
  8. Work with Widgets and Plug-ins
  9. Change and customise your Theme
  10. Set up menus
  11. Get Fancy with Themes


  • An email account (to be linked to Wordpress)
  • Password to the email account
  • Writing materials and pens
  • USB memory stick (optional)

Please note: This training will be delivered in a computer room in a Microsoft Windows 10 environment -
If you prefer to bring your own laptop you are welcome to do so, however the tutor will not be able to solve technical problems in class.

Assumes a basic understanding of the internet as well as basic knowledge of personal computers and the Windows operating system.
This course is intended for people who has very little or no knowledge in the use of WordPress, and who want to learn how to use WordPress to create a blog/website.

The learning pathway shall consist of face-to-face delivery involving class room demonstrations; discussions; practical tasks; group activities; Q & A and one-on-one support.

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Course testimonials:

  • Excellent course with plenty of on on one help through the day