Women in the Ancient Mediterranean, Near Eastern and Egyptian World

Explore the lives of women from ancient Egypt, the Near East, Anatolia, Greece, Etruria and Rome. We look at their development in art, religion and society from the Neolithic period (c7000BC) to the Late Roman era. The world of women in the family, society and religion will be revealed through ancient texts, artefacts and archaeology – with some surprising, moving, and occasionally disturbing results.


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  • The Neolithic cultures of Greece, Anatolia, the Near East and Egypt (c7000-c3000BC)
  • Ancient Egypt (c3000- 500BC)
  • The Near East and Anatolia
  • Bronze Age and Dark Age Greece (c2500-800BC)
  • Ancient Greece during the Archaic and Classical eras (c700-300BC)
  • Ancient Etruria, Rome and in Early Christianity (c600BC – cAD300)

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Learn about the realia of women’s lives in these societies by observing their presence in ancient texts, artefacts and archaeology.
  2. More fully appreciate the many works of art and poetry made by, for, or inspired by ancient women.
  3. Gain a feminist perspective on the lives of women in the ancient societies encompassed by this course which gives insights into many persistent attitudes towards females up to the present day.

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