Understanding Personality in the Workplace

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Personality clash is a common way of describing how different ways of behaving at work can cause problems. Personality theories have been used to explain the consistent patterns of our behaviour and provide insights into our individual needs, values and abilities. In this course you will explore your individual personality, increase your understanding of other people’s personalities and how to improve your relationships with people at work.


  • Overview/introductions
  • Personality and temperament theory
    • History of temperament theory
    • What is temperament?
    • How does knowing about temperament help us?
  • Identifying the four temperaments
    • Guardian, Artisan, Rational and Idealist
    • What are my preferences?
    • Self-discovery of your temperament
  • What is my temperament?
    • Completing and scoring the questionnaire
    • Exploring your temperament
    • How can I embrace my temperament?
  • Exploring the differences between temperaments
    • What do different temperaments at work look like?
    • Effective strategies for dealing with different temperaments at work
    • Your next step...

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Describe the role of temperament in relation to personality theory
  2. Discuss the individual temperaments and their unique characteristics
  3. Identify own temperament through self-discovery and questionnaire techniques
  4. Discuss and identify strategies to more effectively work with other temperaments