Understanding China: Past and Future

China is very much in the news but not well understood. This course will show how Chinese history for the last few thousand years influence the present and what it means to Australia. Xi Jin Ping is neither the insidious Dr Fu Manchu or the Archangel Gabriel but China has been resurrected and we better believe it.


  • Traditional China to about 1800
  • Enter the foreign barbarians from 1800 to the fall of the Manchu dynasty in 1910
  • Interregnum from 1910 to 1949
  • The Mao dynasty
  • The Communist Party rules
  • Xi Jin Ping to date. Importance to Australia

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Know the essential points of Chinese history and culture.
  2. Discover how European aggression humiliated China.
  3. Understand the effect of Chinese history on China today.
  4. Discover the rise of Mao Dze Dong and the Communist victory in the civil war.
  5. Know more about the US interference in the civil war and its lasting legacy.
  6. Learn more about China and the world today.
  7. Understand why China is vitally important to Australia.

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