The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Taliban

Formed out of the war against the Russians in the 1980s, the Taliban rose to be the governing faction in Afghanistan until America and her allies invaded in 2001. A fundamentalist Sunni movement, they implemented Sharia law ruthlessly and harboured anti-western terrorists. Largely removed from power by the US invasion, the Taliban waited patiently and have now become resurgent again. How did this happen? This series of lectures looks at who the Taliban are, how they have maintained such a strong presence and what the future of Afghanistan with a resurgent Taliban looks like.


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  • The Rise of the Taliban: This lesson looks at the Islamic revival that led to the growth of fundamentalist Islamic groups like the Taliban. It traces the ideological underpinning of Wahhabism and the opportunities given to Islamic leaders by the Russian invasion of the 1980s
  • The Taliban comes to power: How did they finally obtain power and what did that power look like? How did they affect the Afghani people as well as the whole region? We also look at their reasons for targeting the West.
  • The War against the Taliban: Here we look at the course of the war against the Taliban by the US and her allies and see how the Taliban survived and outlasted the foreign armies
  • The resurgence of the Taliban: In recent times has led to despair for many of her people and a sense of frustration and self-doubt in Western countries. How did the transfer of power come about and what does a Taliban controlled Afghanistan look like in the 2020s?

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