Theory Just for Singers: Advanced

This course is a continuation of the Theory Just for Singers Intermediate level with a little spice added! Students will be expected to already know their key and time signatures. We will expand on the use of scales with the introduction of modes and harmony. Rhythm will be thoroughly delved into and applied. Prepare to be challenged! There will be no singing involved. Pre-requisite: Theory Just For Singers: Intermediate or equivalent.


  • Online


  • An overview on all scales and their construction of formulas.
  • How to decipher modes and notate them.
  • What is harmony and how do we recognise triads on paper?
  • How do we write and interpret multiple time signatures?
  • How do we count in rhythm and maintain accuracy?


By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Recognise what key a piece of music is by sight, including modes.
  2. Talk the talk in advanced music lingo.
  3. Accurately interpret a vocal score including multiple key changes and time signatures.
  4. Tap out written rhythm including syncopation.
  5. Feel confident in applying these skills to their singing practice.

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