Theory Just for Singers: Beginners

This course is for absolute beginners or for those who have dabbled but never grasped how to read music! Let me demystify your fears about how to interpret notation, rhythm, scales and key signatures. This course is a gateway for those who would like to build their confidence by understanding how to decipher written music. There will be no singing involved, only the tools and techniques to unlock your long unanswered burning questions!


  • Online


  • Basic notation. e.g. crotchets, quavers etc.
  • What is a stave, how is it used, what are the names of the lines and how do we remember them?
  • What are key signatures, why and how do we use them?
  • What are time signatures, how do we decipher and apply them?
  • How do we keep in rhythm and read music simultaneously?
  • What is a scale and the formula of how to construct one?


By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Fearlessly pick up a piece of sheet of music and know where to actually start!
  2. Talk the talk in music lingo.
  3. Interpret all the musical instructions on a vocal score including symbols and markings - with confidence!
  4. Recognise that a piano keyboard is our template for learning how to picture patterns of scales and keys.
  5. Understand rhythmic and tempo cues.

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