The Holy Roman Empire

Beginning with the end of the Carolingian Empire in 911 and the rise of the Ottonian Dynasty from 918, we will investigate the Imperial dynasties of the Salians, Staufer and Habsburgs, as well as their main rivals the Welfs and Hohenzollern and the events of the Investiture Conflict, Interregnum, Rise & Fall of the Hanseatic League, Reformation, Thirty Years War and Counterreformation periods.


  • Hybrid (F2F & Online simultaneously)



  • Fate of Carolingian Empire
  • Ottonians
  • Salians
  • Investiture Conflict
  • Staufer
  • Welfs
  • Interregnum & Hanseatic League
  • Habsburgs
  • Reformation - Luther & others
  • Thirty Years War
  • Counterreformation
  • Rise of Prussia

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