Swedish Intermediate 4 - Online (B1+B2)

This course is for students who have completed Swedish Intermediate 3, or an equivalent program. It is open to anyone who wants to develop their language skills. Students will further develop basic skills to use in conversation, reading, listening and writing whilst also learning about Swedish culture. This course is also designed for people working in the local tourist industry who wish to improve their customer service to Swedish tourists.


  • Online



  • Rivstart B1+B2, (2014) 2nd edition, Scherrer & Lindemalm, Textbook



Chapter 13 – Festivities and Seasons

  • Seasonal festivities
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Midsummer
  • Angst in keeping up with traditions
  • Three traditional characters – the Easter Witch, Santa, St Lucia
  • Celebrate Lucia
  • Seasonal topics
  • Nouns: non-specific form or without article
  • Words: Slang and Interjections
  • Exclamations!
  • Poetry

Chapter 14 – Consumer Rules & Complaints, Pessimists & Optimists

  • Which personality are you?
  • Office chaos
  • Faulty
  • Consumer rules
  • Pessimist or Optimist?
  • Learn from the pessimists
  • Emphatic re-writing
  • Transitive & Intransitive Verbs
  • Abstracts

Chapter 15 – To Network and Seek Employment

  • Employment Seeking & Networking

  • Hidden Jobs

  • “Elevator Pitch”

  • Apply for advertised jobs

  • Write a CV

  • Write an application/personal letter

  • Job interview

  • Adjectives and Participles as Nouns

  • Demonstrative Pronouns

  • Presens Perfect or Preteritum Perfect without "har" or "hade"

  • Employment Letters



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