Split & The Palace of the Emperor Diocletian

After ruling the Roman Empire for twenty years the Emperor Diocletian retired in AD 305 to the sprawling retirement village that he had built for himself on the beautiful Dalmatian coast. Today Diocletian’s opulent palace houses not an emperor and his retinue but most of the inhabitants of the Croatian town of Split. Annually they are joined the throngs of holiday-makers who come to visit this Adriatic port, a stepping-off point for visits to Dubrovnic and the islands. Join us as we discuss the life and times of this great Roman emperor and explore the parts of his palace that survive in the modern town’s houses, shops, churches and other buildings.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Describe the policies of Diocletian and evaluate his administrative, military and economic reforms.
  2. Show an awareness of later historians' assessments of Diocletian.
  3. List the main architectural features of the palace of Diocletian at Split.
  4. Locate remnants of the original structure in the modern town of Split.
  5. Show an awareness of the work of architects and archaeologists who have recorded the structures and studied and restored the fabric of the ancient remains.
  6. Show an awareness of travel routes from Italy to Split and from Split to other attractions on the Dalmatian coast.

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