Developing your Reading and Vocabulary in Spanish (A1)

This course aims at increasing the communication vocabulary of students who have completed the A1 level of Spanish. Students will learn new vocabulary while simultaneously learning cultural facts about Madrid and Barcelona, two important touristic destinations of Spain. Each session will include reading of a text, vocabulary exercises (based on the readings) and oral discussions.


  • Online


Books can be bought in Australia from:

  • Un día en Madrid: un día, una ciudad, una historia, Ernesto Rodríguez. Editorial Difusión.
  • Un día en Barcelona: un día, una ciudad, una historia, Ernesto Rodíguez. Editorial Difiusión.


Every session will consist of:

  • reading of story
  • presentation and explanation of new vocabulary and expressions
  • vocabulary exercises
  • oral discussion Some sessions will include videos regarding historical/cultural places of Madrid and Barcelona.


By the end of this course students should be able to:

  1. Know enough vocabulary for communicating properly with locals when visiting Spain for the first time.
  2. Understand short stories in Spanish.
  3. Write coherently short stories and anecdotes.
  4. Feel more confident in their use of the language.

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