The Danish Resistance and the Flight of the Danish Jewry

The survival of over ninety five percent of the Danish Jewry during the Holocaust is a remarkable chapter amidst the horrors of the Holocaust. In this session, we will explore not only what happened but try to understand how and why it happened.

This course is part of a joint initiative between WEA Sydney, the Sydney Jewish Museum and Shalom Theatre to celebrate Rosenbaum’s Rescue in September at the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre. Be inspired by the previously unknown heroism of the Danes. In 1943, Danish fishermen risked their own lives to send 7,500 Jews to Sweden. They saved roughly 90% of the Danish Jewish population. In 2001, as Denmark revises their immigration policy, two men are struggling to separate fact from fiction. This gripping play examines the malleability of truth, shared history, and how easily our memories can be altered.

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