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This course is a continuation from Portuguese Advanced 4 and is for any student wishing to learn the language for business, travel or everyday use with approximately 300+ hours of Portuguese required. Students will develop skills to use in conversation, reading, listening and writing. This course aims to build higher level comprehension and communication skills in advanced Portuguese and a review of cultural practices, with a focus on clear explanation of higher level language principles.

Students in this course will have the opportunity to develop skills to apply the language lexicosemantics, and syntax at an advanced level, using oral and written texts. They will learn to understand the intrinsic relationship between language and culture through idiomatic expressions, forms of relating to others in society in an culturally acceptable manner, culturally distinct characteristics of the language. This course will provide adequate materials and activities to enable the use of the language in a creative and flexible manner, adequately interacting in predictable or unpredictable situations. The course uses group discussions, individual presentations by the students and debates on various topics (culture, society, environment, literature, etc) to build on the competencies achieved in previous levels.


  • Online


  • Tutor supplied material


  • Aspects of the Portuguese Culture, expressions in folk language and idiomatic expressions
  • Oral comprehension of texts in the areas of, social issues, education and sport, recreation, arts and culture and everyday living
  • Knowing Portuguese customs, traditions and products, The Health System in Portugal
  • Gente Lusófona (Lusophone people) – customs, texts, writers, poets, traditions, food, origins
  • Luís Vaz de Camões e Fernando Pessoa – Portuguese Poets, Lusophone texts – Abou love and other things
  • Portugal e os Cafés, Português Comercial , The Subjunctive – Compound tenses – Revision
  • Conjunctions and locutions, Active and Passive voices, Pronominal verbs - Revision
  • Adverbs – revision, Indefinite Pronouns, Verb Ficar with prepositions
  • Homophones, homographs, paronyms, homonyms - revision, The Personal Infinitive and the Future Subjunctive
  • Indicative tenses – (revision), Prepositions – (revision)


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Understand and comprehend the majority of texts and articles (excluding texts with specific technical terms – e.g. legal texts)
  2. Increased their skills to use the Portuguese language to write a text to resolve tasks related to the public, professional or educational domain; or to, produce a 230-300 word text or texts from given topics
  3. Comprehend conversations/informal discussions about unexpected everyday topics;
  4. Understand the majority of television and radio broadcasts, interviews, entertainment programs, namely current sociopolitical, cultural and economic programs and those relating to the social and cultural history of a community or era.
  5. Understand movies, plays and documentaries, although some difficulties can arise due to the speech rhythm, the pronunciation of the lexicon and sociocultural references.
  6. Increase their ability and skills in the areas of listening, writing, speaking and reading, acquired knowledge and understanding of further Portuguese lexicon
  7. Develop practical skills and understanding of Portuguese grammar.