International Law: A Brief Introduction

International Law (IL), as a core sub-discipline of International Relations, emerges from the interactions of sovereign states in the international system, and their efforts to regulate and systemise those interactions. In this course, we will begin with an examination of the origins and purpose of IL. Secondly, we will learn about the international institutions which uphold and/or benefit from the existence of IL (e.g. UN, WTO, EU etc.). Finally, we will turn our attention to what IL does well, badly, or not at all. No prior study of International Relations / International Law is necessary to benefit from this course.



  • Introduction to the discipline of International Law (IL): history and purpose.
  • International institutions which uphold or benefit from IL (e.g. UN, WTO, EU etc.)
  • An examination of what IL does well, badly, or not at all.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Understand the origins and aims of International Law (IL) as an academic discipline.
  2. Comprehend the role of international institutions in upholding IL.
  3. Appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of IL.

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