Computer Maintenance and Repairs for Beginners

This training will cover basic skills and knowledge to identify different parts of a computer, understand the functionality of each of these components and identify needs to improve your computer performance. This course is intended for people who are beginners in computer maintenance and repairs and would like to learn how to optimise and maximise performance of their computer.

Basic knowledge and understanding of computers

To obtain maximum benefit, it is recommended that you bring your own:

  • Laptop computer (Desktop computer NOT recommended)
  • Upgrade parts (if you know what is required)
  • A medium sized Philip head screw driver
  • Stationary for recording notes
  • USB flash stick to download information if provided

The learning pathway shall consist of face-to-face delivery of 6 hours involving class room demonstrations; discussions; practical tasks; group activities; Q & A and one-on-one support. There will be hands-on practical tasks for each step.

Upon the completion of this training, students will be able to:

  1. Upgrade memory in a PC/Mac laptop computer
  2. Diagnose, replace or upgrade faulty hardware
  3. Identify software tools for removal of spyware and virus
  4. Use defragmentation and other system tools to free storage space