Japanese Advanced 9

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

This is a continuing course for students who wish to pursue their study of Japanese advanced level. This course is designed to enable students who worked through Japanese for Busy People 1, 2, 3 and Minna no Nihongo Chuukyuu 1 and achieved their mastery of intermediate Japanese and progress smoothly into the advanced level. In this course, students will have the opportunity to focus on specific skills, such as extending vocabulary, phrases, expressions in given areas, improving reading and writing skills, and developing a better understanding of specific cultural and social issues. The course includes talking about larger social topics by expressing individual opinions. It is assumed that students have about 600 hours of prior learning.


  • Minna no Nihongo Chuukyuu 2, (Publisher: Three A Network), Lesson 23


  • Indicating that what is expressed as the subject of the sentence extends as far as ~
  • Indicating that it is possible to ~
  • Introducing something necessary or important for an action just mentioned
  • Indicating the speaker’s or writer’s feelings about what the whole sentence says
  • Meaning 'there is obviously no need to do ~
  • Expressing "a chance, a basis for something, or an opportunity"
  • Giving a representative example first, and then give similar examples

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Communicates in Japanese, in particular to give assistance and instructions to Japanese tourists.
  2. Exhibit the skills, vocabulary and study attitude required for continued study of Japanese.