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Vita Italiana (B1-C1)

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This short course revises grammar through the reading and analysis of Italian texts dealing with aspects of Italian life, culture and politics. The course is suitable for students who are working through Nuovo Espresso 3 or beyond, or who have completed at least 150 hours of class tuition.

Tutor supplied material.

Focus on new vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation throughout readings of texts. Stimulate basic conversation on topics that arise. Explain grammar.

In terms of content, the course considers (time permitting):

  • Organised crime in Italy;
  • The problem of waste and recycling in Italy;
  • Earthquakes and building codes in Italy;
  • Assisted dying (or lack thereof) in Italy.

In terms of grammar, the course:

  • Revises several verb tenses and other important grammar points;
  • Expands vocabulary;
  • Focuses strongly on pronunciation.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Read Italian texts with greater ease
  2. Have a better grasp of pronunciation
  3. Extend vocabulary
  4. Become familiar with aspects of contemporary life in Italy
  5. Improve intermediate speaking skills
  6. Improve understanding of grammar
  7. Improve listening skills