Translation Workshop: Italian Advanced (B1-C2)

Translation is a useful exercise not only to put in practise the language, but also to better understand the cultural and idiomatic principles that constitute its fundamentals. We will work together to translate some passages from authentic literary texts. To do this, we will face the challenge of translation, which will enable us to think about the language and improve our skills. Advanced level (from B1), 200 hours of prior learning assumed, or completed Nuovo Espresso Book 2.

We will translate together some excerpts from literary texts, both from Italian to English and from English to Italian. This will enable us to practise the language and revise some of its most difficult aspects. Translation forces you to use the language in its whole complexity, putting together all its rules, linguistic principles and idiomatic features. Moreover, it brings you deeply into the language fundamentals, that is, the cultural tradition and the way of thinking at the base of both English and Italian. We will realise that a translated text is never the exact copy of the original one, but it is a new literary production, which arises from specific choices: What does the original text want to convey? What is the better alternative in the language of translation? How does this sound in Italian/English? Working together and in small groups, we will discuss the possible options and create our translated version.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Have a better understanding of the cultural and idiomatic aspects at the base of the language;
  2. Revise and expand grammar;
  3. Increase language skills, vocabulary and fluency;
  4. Have a taste of the complicated process of a literary translation;
  5. Work together to create a new text.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.