Italian Advanced Grammar Intensive: Verb Tenses (B1)

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This workshop revises several Italian verb tenses by focussing on tense agreement, that is, using multiple tenses in a single paragraph or dialogue. The workshop is suitable for students working through Espresso 3 or more advanced students wishing to revise tenses.

Tutor supplied material.

A two-day workshop that aims to strengthen students' ability to understand and use verbs and verb tenses in context, especially multiple tenses in a dialogue or paragraph.

The following tenses are covered and are studied separately and together in the context of a complete sentence or paragraph:

  • indicative mood tenses: present, simple past, imperfect and pluperfect;
  • conditional mood tenses: past and present conditional;
  • subjunctive mood tenses: present, past, imperfect and pluperfect.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Revise verbs, verb tenses and verb conjugations
  2. Attempt verb tense agreement in sentences and paragraphs