"Che io sia dannato... se sbaglio un altro congiuntivo!" - Italian Advanced Grammar (B1)

Congiuntivo is a grammatical mood used (among its other uses) for opinions. It is arguably Italian’s most challenging verb, considering the fact that even Italians sometimes don’t use it when they should. Why focus on it then? Well, simply because it is the most evident signal of “good speaking”: and it marks the difference between amateur and professional speaker. This course is a revision of italian congiuntivo (presente, passato e imperfetto). We will go over the conjugation of congiuntivo presente, passato e imperfetto, but more importantly the main rules behind its use as opposed to the use of indicativo. A plethora of exercises and activities that will make you, if not straight fall in love with this tense, at least tolerate its presence in Italian. Please note that the Congiuntivo Trapassato won’t be a part of this course.


  • Online


  • Tutor Supplied Material


  • Conjugation of Congiuntivo Presente, Passato e Imperfetto.
  • Congiuntivo v Indicativo: when do we need to use Congiuntivo?
  • Consecutio Temporum: which tense to pick.


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Use Congiuntivo in a more confident manner.

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