Italian through Idioms and Expressions

Idioms and expressions enrich the language and make it more expressive. Students will be able to use some of the most common idioms and expressions to maximise their understanding of the language, make their Italian sound more natural and effective, and understand some cultural elements that are reflected in these expressions. This course is suitable for students from Elementary to Intermediate level (A2-B1), approximately 80 hours of Italian required or completed Nuovo Espresso Book 1.

This class will be delivered online via the online platform Zoom. Classes will consist of a minimum of 1.5 hours virtual class time, together with 30 minutes worth of work to be completed independently. You will be able to contact your tutor by email or phone to ask for guidance and feedback on this work. In addition tutors may set additional homework. This course requires students to have an email, a reliable internet connection, a microphone/speakers and access to a tablet, smartphone or computer. Please note that WEA Sydney is unable to provide any technical support for students' personal equipment.

*Tutor supplied material


  • Explore some of the most common idioms and expressions that can be found in everyday conversations, films, books and articles.
  • Learn their meaning, when to use them, the underlying cultural aspects and how they compare to the English equivalent, where existing.
  • Analyse the idioms and expressions linguistically so that we can learn, revise or consolidate vocabulary, language structures and some grammar points.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Have a better understanding of some of the most common Italian idioms and expressions, and their cultural meaning;
  2. Use some Italian idioms and expressions in everyday conversations;
  3. Make their Italian more natural and effective;
  4. Reinforce and expand vocabulary;
  5. Revise and consolidate some grammar points and language structures.

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