iPhone - Beyond the Basics

This is a Level 2 course in the use of iPhone. This training will cover the further knowledge and skills required to the use of an Apple iPhone. It involves developing an understanding of the more advanced features of iPhones, developing additional skills and techniques to better use the iPhone.

Upon the completion of this training, students will be able to:

  1. Play music on your iPhone
  2. Use advanced features of messaging
  3. Setup and use calendar
  4. Use camera; organise and view photos and videos
  5. Set up and Use default apps such as Clock, Map & Notes
  6. Schedule reminders

You must have attended Beginners iPhone for Seniors or have basic knowledge in the use of an iPhone

  • Your (fully charged) iPhone (iPhone 4 and above)

Please make sure you select courses and enrol at the level appropriate to your skills and needs. NO REFUND and NO TRANSFER if you enrol in the wrong course.

The learning pathway shall consist of face-to-face delivery of 5 hours involving class room demonstrations; discussions; practical tasks; group activities; Q & A and one-on-one support. As much as time will allow, this course will be tailored to the individual needs and preferences based on individual equipment.

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list by clicking .