iPad - Mastering the Basics

Apple iPad has changed the way we learn, work and communicate using computers, the internet, email and staying connected with friends since its introduction in 2010. Explore how to configure, customise and navigate the iPad as well as searching, downloading and using apps from the App Store. Bring your iPad and come along. This course will take a holistic approach for you if you have an iPad but little or no idea how to get started. The pace of training is contextualised to the needs of individual learner.


  1. To identify the features and buttons of an iPad
  2. Setup an iPad
  3. Use basic features of an iPad

Learning outcome may vary depending of current skill and knowledge of learners


  • Your (fully charged) iPad
  • Your Apple ID details and password
  • You must have set up a personal email account and know your password

Please make sure you select courses and enrol at the level appropriate to your skills and needs. NO REFUND and NO TRANSFER if you enrol in the wrong course.

The learning pathway shall consist of face-to-face delivery involving class room demonstrations; discussions; practical tasks; group activities; Q & A and one-on-one support. As much as time will allow, this course will be tailored to the individual needs and preferences based on individual equipment.

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