How To Start An Online Business

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Everything you need to know to start or to manage a successful and profitable online business. Fast track your online business with Australia’s leading Internet and website marketing teacher ‘Luke Hayes’. Whether you are new to the world of online marketing or a seasoned Internet pro, you can now sharpen your skills and enhance your expertise. This course is not theory; it’s full of real life business examples and the experiences of Luke’s thousands of website clients. There is a big difference between learning theory compared to practical skills. Luke is not an academic he is a real Internet marketing expert with exceptional real-life Internet business success. This course will provide every student with breakthrough ideas that really work.

This course is based on Luke’s proven, easy-to-follow, step-by-step best-selling book. On completion of this course, every student will feel inspired, energized and highly motivated, and have the skills and breakthrough ideas to take immediate action.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Transform your Internet business idea into real-world success.
  2. Identify the 10 critical building-blocks of a super successful website.
  3. Experience and learn ways to enhance existing sites.
  4. Help New start-ups with a complete step-by-step web action plan.
  5. Identify your sites best target audience, their needs and solutions.
  6. Understand business dangers in being unfocussed and not specific.
  7. Set suitable and measurable website goals and achieving them.
  8. Study top 3 online promotional strategies; Google, Email and Facebook.
  9. Select and negotiate with web designers and the potential pit-falls.
  10. Manage your web designer effectively to achieve an excellent website.
  11. Manage your web designer effectively to maximise your website budget.
  12. Understand all website usability issues like layout, navigation and design.
  13. Discuss copywriting for the web, ensurinmg it is compelling and effective.
  14. Evolve your site over time and what’s involved in making updates.
  15. Gain the knowledge and skills to easily track your websites success.
  16. Understand all requirments and persuasion required for selling online.
  17. Understand exactly what’s required in your website marketing plan.

Face to face instruction, case studies and real life examples, one-to-one instruction and problem solving to ensure all of your questions are answered.