Human Rights Law: Legal and Public Policy Considerations for Australia and Beyond

Held in Association with the Humans Rights Committee of the Law Society of NSW
Convenor: Howard Bell

Australia is entering into an exciting new age of legal and public policy growth. This newly developed course, taught by practising lawyers, human rights practitioners and policy campaigners is designed to provide comprehensive foundation knowledge of key human rights principles. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge on which students can build more detailed knowledge of the fundamentals of human rights and social justice in the fields such as lawmaking, policy development and criminal justice. The course comprises a series eight weekly evening lectures along with notes to assist with further study in the field of human rights.


  • Week 1: Introduction to course and overview of human rights
  • Week 2: Refugees: the human rights of asylum seekers
  • Week 3: Security and Human Rights: Case study on Australia’s Counter Terror Laws
  • Week 4: NGOs and campaigning for human rights
  • Week 5: Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • Week 6: Criminal Justice and Human Rights
  • Week 7: Homelessness: issues, challenges and solutions
  • Week 8: Focus on several current human rights issues including a human rights act in Australia, a bill of rights and same sex marriages in Australia

By the end of this course, atudents should be able to:

  1. List the principles of human rights and state their application to law and public policy.
  2. Articulate the ways in which human rights compliance can lead to better legal and procedural outcomes for vulnerable social groups and individuals.
  3. Discuss the human rights impact on current issues locally and around the world
  4. List considerations relevant to a simple campaign on a human rights or social justice issue
  5. List the key elements for an action plan to raise human rights awareness
  6. Debate and discuss key human rights issues
  7. Recognise and consider options for addressing potential or actual breaches of human rights
  8. Develop and discuss options for enhancing human rights compliance locally and around the world.

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