The Huguenots throughout Europe - Craftsmanship & Consummate Style-makers

In the late 17th century, more than 200 000 Huguenots were dispelled from France for their religion. They formed or joined exile communities all over Europe and also in the New World. A long-awaited late-2021 publication from the V & A Museum traces these Huguenot families and their significant contribution to architecture, ceramics, design, clock and watchmaking, engraving, furniture, woodwork, sculpture, portraiture, and art education, as well as in silver and silk. George Washington was a Huguenot descendent, as was Charles Joseph La Trobe of Victoria and Jane Franklin of Tasmania. Their legacy continues today in arts and achievements.


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  • Force to flee – religious persecution of the Huguenots in 17th century France
  • Where did they go – from Europe to America to Africa & Australia
  • Beautiful decorative arts & objects – from silk and silver to watches and furniture
  • Huguenot family networks – craftsmen but also bankers and merchants
  • Famous Huguenots – legacy of skilled networks and knowledge

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