The Great Red Wines of France

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Enhance your knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the range and style of red wines available and how they are made. Develop your palate through critical tastings guided by an industry expert. Tutored tasting will reinforce the importance of geography and terroir (site) of the major winemaking regions of France in which great red wines are made. Particular focus will be on Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Rhône Valley and the Loire Valley. Anyone interested in wine will almost certainly come across French wine at some stage. There are good reasons for this: the history of French viticulture and winemaking tradition, the diversity of wines and styles from different grape varieties and regions, and for their reputation of quality. You will learn about each of these regions and gain an understanding of their characteristics, including similarities and differences. You will be able to use your newly developed evaluative skills and make informed wine selections.