Poetry to Make ’em Laugh, Make ’em Cry and Make ’em Think

Join this short course and be enchanted and moved by the power of poetry to make us laugh, cry and think about ourselves. Novices and poetry lovers alike will find something to delight them.

This class will be delivered face-to-face at WEA Sydney. Enrolling students need to ensure they have read the current COVID-19 Safety Guidance that WEA Sydney has put in place before enrolling.


  • Make 'em laugh: This week we will explore a variety of poems that can tickle our fancy to make us laugh. Poets use various tools in a variety of ways to elicit a chuckle be that exaggeration in The Queensland Dog by Scott, satire in The Hunter by Nash, parody in The Lover Not Taken by Farley or innuendo in The Flea by Donne.
  • Make 'em cry: This week we will explore a variety of poems that pull at our heart strings. We will examine a variety of poems that can make us cry such as Heaney's Mid-Term Break, Frost's Out, Out - , Jonson's On My First Born and Thomas' Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night.
  • Make 'em think: This week we will explore some of the stunning poetry that makes us think about the human condition. Poems which offer commentary and criticism include Blake's London, Fox's National Hero, McKuen's Christmas Card and Whitman's When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer.

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