French Pronunciation

Most students who learn French tend to have difficulties in pronouncing the language. This usually leads to avoiding speaking French or being scared and ashamed to speak French. Are you very good in grammar and have a wide range of vocabulary, but you don’t feel like speaking simply because you’re afraid that native speakers might not understand you? This course will help you master the French pronunciation and accentuation while minimalizing your “English accent”. We will focus on the rhythm, the accentuation, the French vowels and consonants, as well as the relationships between oral French and written French. Suitable for anyone with some prior knowedge of the language.

Tutor supplied material.


  • Students go over their fears and obstacles
  • Methodology on how to work on their pronunciation beyond the classroom
  • Tackle pronunciation difficulties of non-native French speakers (e.g. /r/ and nasal sounds to only name a few)
  • Master French rhythmic patterns and accentuation
  • Master French specific sounds such as nasal sounds and the famous /r/

French phonetics including rhythm, accentuation, pronouncing consonants, pronouncing vowels, pronouncing nasal sounds, and the relationship between oral and written French.


  • French rhythm: melody, accentuation, pauses
  • French oral vowels
  • French nasal vowels
  • French semi-consonants
  • French consonants
  • Relationship between sounds and written letters

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Speak clearly and be understood by French native speakers
  2. Speak with a good rhythm and accentuation
  3. Minimise their “English” accent
  4. Identify French-specific sounds and be able to pronounce them accurately
  5. Speak more fluently

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Undoubtedly a very special course. An amazing educational experience.
  • The course content was very comprehensive with plenty of time for practice and feedback. I am much more aware of the nuances of the French language. It was a most enjoyable and worthwhile week.