Famous Faces of the Transformational Sixties

The 1960’s were arguably the most transformational decade in history. Over four weeks we will look at the people that made it so, the famous and not so famous, the politicians, musicians, movie stars, activists, revolutionaries, writers, and artists, and all against the backdrop of the political and social movements of the time. If you think you know it, then remember what they said about the sixties: If you remember it, you probably weren’t there!"


  • Building an understanding of what led to the cultural and political explosion of the sixties. This week we focus on the politicians and the scandals, the spies, the cold war, Cuba crises and Vietnam.
  • Particularly in music, the sixties turned out to be truly extraordinary. From the simple rock and roll of the 1950’s to the most complex musical forms at the end of the sixties. We will cover all the key musical artists in this session as well as some from the movies.
  • The revolutionaries and radicals from Germaine Greer and Betty Friedan, The Red Brigade, Martin Luther King, The Black Panthers, Martin Sharp and Oz magazine, to the Hippies and the drugs.
  • How it all came together to change the world: politics, woman’s rights, sex, music, cross generational attitudes, parenting, gender roles, and work.

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