Express Your Creativity with iPad Pro

Have you ever thought of using your iPad Pro to express yourself creatively? Well here is your chance! Learn how to combine your creative imagination and the creative capabilities of iPad Pro to make awesome art. Use your artworks and or photographs to create new images, drawings, family portraits, cards, or a combination collage. It is recommended that students of all competencies have a basic plan for the class by choosing suitable sized paper and then make a mock up of your design idea, e.g. if making a card is it folded A4 or B5, four sides or two. The draft should also include any hand written text, drawings and allow space for any images you want to use. Scaling the project is important and will assist when selecting set up options in the Apps.

This class will be delivered online via the online platform Zoom. Enrolling students need to ensure they have an email, a reliable internet connection, microphone/speakers and access to a separate tablet, smartphone or computer that can be used to join the Zoom meeting in addition to using their iPad Pro during the course.


Enrolling students must ensure they have an iPad Pro with iOS 10.5 (or higher), Apple Pencil or equivalent drawing tool, as well as the apps "Procreate" and "AutoDraw" installed.

  • Introduction to the iPad + Pencil + Procreate – Digital Art Materials: Discuss the possibilities and features of the iPad, explore student ideas as a group, quantify students expectations, skill level, learn printing and file jargon such as paper size and DPI while reviewing digital drawing best practice.
  • Introduction to your Drawing Apps - Procreate and Autodraw Unveiled: Learn how the iPad, pencil and Apps interconnect. What is Procreate? How does it work? What is Autodraw? How does it work? Why do we use 2 Apps and what are our system requirements?
  • Creating the first Canvas: Your iPad first drawing layer is your blank canvas! You will create a new blank canvas that is the exact size and resolution required to replicate your draft idea. Correct paper size and resolution (DPI) = good line definition and good colour
  • Introduction to Pen, Brush and Colour: You will learn to create a colourful drawing using different brush types, sizes, colour selections and explore the fundamentals of pixels (dots) using a zoom in and out tool to explore your canvas.
  • Creating Additional Canvas and Image Layers: Creating 46 canvas layers = WOW! Learn the benefits of using multiple layers, how to create and remove drawing and image layers. Other possibilities include merge, hide, reorder them and adjusting individual layer colour, tone, contrast, saturation and reducing layer opacity which is great for tracing purposes.
  • Cutting and Pasting Content: Highlight something copy it and paste it! Simple Yes No? Learn how you can copy and paste content form a variety of sources into your layers. Cutting, copying and pasting within and between layers and using content from other sources including the web. Easy when you know how and great for getting rid of unwanted items and people in your precious photographs


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Use the iPad pro + pencil + drawing Apps Procreate 5 and AutoDraw in combination creatively, understand their connectivity, functionality, limitations and benefits to get what you want!.
  2. Draw, paint, erase, cut, paste any content from layer to layer as well as between Procreate 5 and AutoDraw Apps.
  3. Add, delete, move, hide, duplicate and merge drawing and image layers to build up a rich image structure with a min/max of 46 layers.
  4. Create a tracing paper layer by adjusting individual layer opacity as well as altering layer contrast, colour saturation, tone and hue.
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<p>Have you ever thought of using your iPad Pro to express yourself creatively? Well here is your chance! Learn how to combine your creative imagination and the creative capabilities of iPad Pro to

14 Jan

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