Exploring Colonial Liverpool and Parramatta

Sydney's villages are Australia’s best sites for exploring our colonial heritage. We will look at Lachlan Macquarie's influence on Sydney's colonial history and explore the same on foot. Colonial sites at Parramatta and Liverpool showcase some superb examples of our heritage. The first meeting will take place at WEA House, and the following two sessions will begin at the Town Hall steps. This course is for people who enjoy exploring history by walking through it. The course is also suitable for those who are new to walking. The walks are around three to four hours' duration and require a moderate level of fitness. 


  • Face-to-Face


  • Melinda Hinkson & Alana Harris, Aboriginal Sydney (Aboriginal Studies Press 2010)
  • Unk White and Olaf Ruhen, Parramatta Sketchbook (Rigby 1980)
  • Lionel Long and Brian Davies, Liverpool Sketchbook (Rigby 1980)
  • Almis Simankevicius, Macquarie's Kingdom (Good Walking Books 2004)
  • Olaf Ruhen and Bruce Adams, Macquarie's Five Towns (Horwitz Publications 1970)


  • Important background history of Sydney, Parramatta and Liverpool. Logistics. Preparation, travel gear. Planning the walk – distances, times.
  • Historic Liverpool - Macquarie's First Town: We visit Greenway's St. Luke's Church and Hospital, Museum, Pioneer Park, and Macquarie statue to explore the first town Macquarie founded
  • Parramatta - Macquarie's Office: Heritage Walk through Australia's second oldest city. We visit Australia's oldest cemetery and then a tour of Old Government House (Free for National Trust members / $15 non-members - please note this is not part of the course fee).


By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Have a greater appreciation for Liverpool and Parramatta's colonial heritage and be equipped to continue their further explorations.

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