Extraordinary Australian Women: Pushing The Boundaries

Come and meet four extraordinary and fiercely independent women, all of whom have left copious records of their lives, as well as influenced parts of Australian history. First, Mrs Frances Zabel – a fascinating story, German background, Victoria, WA goldfields, knew D H Lawrence, travelled, married a German, son brilliant at Melbourne school, but then in a camp as a prisoner of Germany in WWI; Elizabeth von Arnim, of the German Garden, few know she was born in Sydney as a Beachamp, related to Katherine Mansfield, another fascinating story; Edna Walling, the garden guru of Sydney, founder of the Australian Garden History Society and Cottage Garden Club; the last, Eliza Storey, whose grave lies at South Head Cemetery, involved in the Sydney arts/crafts movement, a writer, socially well-connected, but moved to Yass after marrying a grazier, with stories of the land.

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Joan Lawrence

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