Prize Picks

The sheer volume of modern publishing can make choosing a novel an overwhelming enterprise. In this course we consult the many annual high-profile literary awards and let them choose for us. The result is a variety of novels and authors from around the world, each with a distinctive voice and a seemingly inexhaustible variety of methods and techniques for describing and detailing the world.

Independent Study Discussion Courses are for study by groups without a tutor, so there is no need to write reports. These courses were written by tutors who have now since retired from the Discussion Group Program. Some courses were written a number of years ago, and therefore contain references to events which are now more historical than current, however, all are entertaining, well-produced and worthwhile.

Course Author
Robin Hedditch

Supplied Course Material
Kate Jennings, Moral Hazard (NSW Premier’s Award)
Valerie Martin, Property (Orange)
Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Whitbread)
JM Coetzee, Youth (Nobel Prize for Literature)
Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex (Pulitzer).
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Units & Pricing
5 units / $50 per person

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Getting Started
1. Start your Group: Anyone can start a Discussion Group – seek out some like-minded friends or put up a notice in your local library, bookshop or workplace. There are many existing groups that welcome new members. If you wish to start a new group to suit your situation WEA can help you, please note that a minimum of 6 people is required to start a new discussion group.
2. Arrange the meetings: New groups need to decide where and when to meet, and for how long – whatever best suits members' particular situations.
3. Run your Group: Choose a secretary to liaise with WEA and your tutor, a Discussion Leader to chair meetings, a reporter to take discussion notes to send to your tutor, and maybe a librarian to look after the books.

How to Enrol
1. First check the availability of your selection by contacting WEA Sydney. Bookings can be made for one year, divided into two terms – Term 1 commences in February, Term 2 in July (Groups may make forward bookings for popular choices).
2. Indicate in what order your Group wishes to study the courses, if more than one course is booked.
3. Download and fill out a copy of the WEA Sydney Discussion Group Program Enrolment Form and send it to the Discussion Group Co-ordinator to enrol.

Please note that additional postage (Cash on Delivery) for receiving course material will be required.