Continuing Recorder (Descant/Soprano)

Continue your musical studies and become part of this Descant/soprano recorder course where both solo and ensemble repertoire from a variety of styles and of a more extended nature will be used to further student learning. Through this repertoire, students will encounter additional notes, rhythm patterns, key signatures and time signatures. This course is aimed at students who have undertaken the Beginner Recorder Course but anyone who has had experience on the soprano/descant recorder can join this class.

Students will be required to bring a descant recorder – or any other recorder in the key of C.


  • The consolidation of the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C', D' with further expansion of the upper register of the recorder as required (E, F, G, A)
  • The introduction of sharpened and flattened notes as encountered in the repertoire studied e.g. Bb, Eb, F#, C#, & G#
  • Additional musical notation and terminology will be addressed as encountered in the pieces being performed
  • Expansion of rhythmic vocabulary to include more complicated rhythm patterns that include semiquavers, dotted rhythms and tied notes
  • Consolidate correct articulation and appropriate use of phrasing
  • Repertoire will include a variety of different styles of music and will include both more extended solo material and ensemble works

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Proficiently play from Middle C to high E
  2. Proficiently play sharpened and flattened notes encountered in set performance material
  3. Sight read melodies and rhythms of increasing difficulty
  4. Interpret phrasing and use correct articulation for set performance material
  5. Perform all set solo performance repertoire
  6. Participate in playing all parts of set ensemble repertoire

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