Challenge Your Voice

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

It’s time to Challenge Your Voice with this whirlwind of a course. This is the 4th level in the series of Love, Develop and Enrich Your Voice courses. Challenge Your Voice prods and provokes the inner musician in you. This will be achieved by executing vocal gymnastics, songs in close harmony, rhythm precision and the integration of theory.

Note: Prior enrolment in Enrich Your Voice is necessary to enrol into this class.


  • Vocal warm ups concentrating on flexibility, sustainability and vocal stamina.
  • Consolidate harmonies and intervals in songs.
  • Accurately sing and decipher music repertoire in varied time signatures.
  • Imitate, read and strengthen rhythm combining singing and conducting.
  • Understand essential theory in songs to achieve all round musicianship.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Let go vocally! Tame the inner-critic and sing with renewed self-belief.
  2. Enjoy the complexities of harmony and vocal lines in a group setting.
  3. Allow themselves to discover their own rhythmic abilities with confidence.
  4. To be fearless about how to approach and apply music theory to song.
  5. To be equipped with vocal skills, techniques and music knowledge essential for home application and in choirs.

Course testimonials:

  • A terrific teacher. The class is friendly, fun and a great learning environment.