Building and Maintaining a Happy Retirement for Retirees and Pre-Retirees

For retirees who wish to keep their retirement in top shape, perhaps do some fine tuning, or even a major overhaul; and for pre-retirees who are worried about retirement and what it holds. Based on "7 Steps to a Happy Retirement* we help you create your own retirement lifestyle plan. There will be some pre-reading between each session starting from session 2. You will also be required to meet between session via Zoom in allocated work groups.

Week 1: Introduction to the course. The 7 Steps to a Happy Retirement Model and overview of each Step. We will discuss extensively ‘Retirement Mindset’ – i.e. what attitudinal approaches to retirement work best. This will include each student doing a self-completed diagnostic in the room and if you are with your partner, a discussion of that diagnostic with them. If you have a partner and your partner is not with you, we suggest discussing it with them or close friend before week 2. Someone who knows you well. We will ask you to review the work you have done in Week 1 before you come to the week 2 session. As mentioned above we encourage you to discuss this work with a partner or close friend - someone who knows you well. As a result of that discussion you are likely to make some changes. We will also break you into work groups of 3-4 and between week 1 and week 2 ask you to meet via Zoom to discuss and share your week 1 work and findings.

Week 2: We will then discuss the importance of Reflection. This involves thinking deeply about your likes and dislikes, practical retirement strategies that suit your personal needs and preferences and introduces you to broader possibilities for retirement. We also look at limitations and barriers and strategies to overcome them. We look at motivation (why we need it, how to build it) which is critical in building a great retirement. As in week 1 you will break into groups of 3-4 and before week 3, meet via zoom to discuss your thoughts and findings. We encourage you to involve your partner at all steps.

Week 3: Having done the work in Week 1 and 2, in this session each student will develop their own detailed retirement plan. This will take up the entire session. There will be four stages to this process and at each stage we will pause, discuss and review. Each stage is critical to developing your plan. We suggest you discuss your plan extensively and in detail with your partner (if appropriate) between week 3 and 4. This is important in building alignment between partners, a critical part of retirement success. Once again you will connect with your zoom group before week 4 to discuss and share.

Week 4: A great plan means nothing if it is not implemented. Creating the plan is the easy bit, executing it is tough. We will discuss best practice implementation strategies and techniques. We will look at and where possible address any implementation barriers that you may foresee in your plan. Often we limit ourselves because we perceive barriers, where they don’t exist or can be dealt with. We will look at the importance of initiating. A skill that sounds easy but is often a big implementation issue, particularly for men. Expect to amend your plan during this session. Discuss this session with your partner before session 5. Zoom work group meeting also.

Week 5: Keeping your retirement in great shape. Maintaining a great retirement is an ongoing work in progress. It is not set and forget. Circumstances change, priorities shift. It needs to stay relevant and exciting. In this, our last session we will discuss how to keep your retirement lifestyle at its best. This requires, not surprisingly ongoing work and effort. We will introduce you to a practical and easy to use set of tools to keep it on track. Summary and close.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:
# Reflect deeply on your existing retirement – what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Build a deep understanding of what a truly great retirement looks like to you and then make it happen.
  2. Build retirement alignment and connection with our partners.
  3. If a pre-retiree, to start now to create a truly exciting and interesting retired lifestyle that is actually something you can really look forward too.
  4. Identify great new things to do
  5. Build the social connections essential for a vibrant retirement.
  6. Overcome personal barriers that may be stopping you live the retirement you want.
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<p>For retirees who wish to keep their retirement in top shape, perhaps do some fine tuning, or even a major overhaul; and for pre-retirees who are worried about retirement and what it holds. Based on

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