Beekeeping: Harvest Your Own Honey!

Everything you need to know about bees, the equipment needed and how much honey you can expect. It’s easy to have a hive and let the bees do most of the work for you Find out what products you can make from beeswax, such as candles and soap. Honey tasting and comprehensive notes provided.


  • Face-to-Face


  • History
  • Flora Legislation
  • How to get the bees
  • Bee Castes
  • Swarms
  • Hives
  • Honey Harvesting
  • Honey Products
  • Australian Native Bees
  • Bee Health
  • Rendering Wax
  • Wax Products
  • Flow Hive
  • Top-bar Hive.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Select the most suitable type of bee-hive
  2. Know which plants attract bees
  3. Find out about their life cycles and learn what equipment is needed.
  4. Learn how to harvest honey and render wax
  5. Discover other products that can be made as they pursue a fascinating and rewarding hobby

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