The Complete Essential Apps

A one day course focusing on specific apps to better utilise your smart phone, including: Public Transport, Uber, Calendar, ApplePay & GooglePay, Playing music using Spotify, and Taking Photographs.

You need to bring your own fully charged phone/tablet and charger to be able to learn from this course.

The course is broken into six different sections. The time devoted to each will vary dependent on the requirements of the attendees and the nature of the apps.

  • Taking Photographs: Taking incredible photos with a SmartPhone is actually very easy, as long as you follow some important guidelines on focus, exposure, composition and photo editing. Discover 10 essential techniques that every serious mobile photographer should know.
  • Calendar: Calendar lets you can create and edit appointments, share agendas, invite friends and colleagues to events, get alerted, stay on track and — most importantly — on time! You can set up Calendar to work with Apple’s iCloud, Google Calendar, Microsoft’s Outlook, and even CalDav calendars from your own or your company’s servers. What’s more, thanks to Siri, you can add, review, and even change appointments quickly and easily, and with the power of your voice.
  • Public Transport: You’ll never miss a public transport connection in Sydney again. Having the ability to know what’s going on with buses, trains, and ferries around Sydney or how long it will take to walk somewhere is just a phone tap away with real-time apps. Learn how to use Google Maps and the following services and track in real-time: Sydney Trains Network, All State Transit operated bus services for Sydney and Newcastle, Light Rail Services, NSW TrainLink Regional trains and coaches, and Sydney Ferries.
  • Uber: Everything you need to know about using the Uber app for the rider, from taking a trip to getting help. Learn how to use the different ways to ride to reduce the cost and/or the time of your travel.
  • Playing Music using Spotify: There are numerous apps that allow you to play music, and offer varying services from free subscriptions to paid monthly subscriptions. This course will use the FREE version of Spotify to demonstrate how to search, play and organise your music. Play back of music can be done to your phones speakers or to external Bluetooth speakers for better sound quality.
  • Wallet – ApplePay & GooglePay: Using the Wallet app, you can add movie tickets, boarding passes, reward cards and credit cards to your phone. By adding a credit card to Wallet, you can use ApplePay & GooglePay to pay for items using your phone using a Pass code or Face ID. Wallet displays usage and transaction information about each card.
Please be aware that different age & models of iPhones and Android phones will have different features. The tutor will support you to get the best from your phone and direct you to suitable alternatives where required and you will be provided with an up-to-date list of websites where you can find support and additional information.

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