Essential Apps: Photo Tips for SmartPhones

Taking incredible photos with a SmartPhone is actually very easy, as long as you follow some important guidelines on focus, exposure, composition and photo editing. Discover 10 essential techniques that every serious mobile photographer should know.

You need to bring your own fully charged phone/tablet and charger to be able to learn from this course.


  • How to clean the lens
  • Set the focus
  • Adjust exposure manually
  • Hidden iPhone camera features
  • How to use the volume button on the iPhone to take a photo
  • Using zoom
  • How to keep the camera steady
  • Using the rule of thirds
  • Using leading lines
  • Which angle to shoot from
  • Using multiple shots
  • Using Panorama Mode

Please be aware that different age & models of iPhones and Android phones will have different features. The tutor will support you to get the best from your phone and direct you to suitable alternatives where required and you will be provided with an up-to-date list of websites where you can find support and additional information.

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Course testimonials:

  • The variety of features and ideas was very good; especially for the Apple iphone.