Essential Apps: Calendar

Calendar lets you can create and edit appointments, share agendas, invite friends and colleagues to events, get alerted, stay on track and – most importantly – on time! You can set up Calendar to work with Apple’s iCloud, Google Calendar, Microsoft’s Outlook, and even CalDav calendars from your own or your company’s servers. What’s more, thanks to Siri, you can add, review, and even change appointments quickly and easily, and with the power of your voice.

You need to bring your own fully charged phone/tablet and charger to be able to learn from this course.


  • How to set up a Calendar
  • How to customize Calendar settings to suit you
  • How to create a Calendar event and add links or notes
  • How to get travel times with Calendar
  • How to add and manage calendar events on your Smartphone or Tablet
  • How to make an iCloud calendar public on your Smartphone or Tablet
  • How to share events or use Family Sharing
  • How to use Calendar with Siri to create, update, cancel or check your appointments.

Please be aware that different age & models of iPhones and Android phones will have different features. The tutor will support you to get the best from your phone and direct you to suitable alternatives where required and you will be provided with an up-to-date list of websites where you can find support and additional information.

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