Smart Phones (Android) - Mastering the Basics

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The mobile phone you own is not just a phone for making calls. Discover the many different features you have on your Android smart phone including: emails, google maps and be shown how to download Apps. In this course you will learn how to turn the phone on or off; understand the basics of navigating around an Android smartphone; receive and make calls; customise your phone; and download Apps.


  1. Get started by understanding the device outlay, functions of different buttons, installing SIM card and battery
  2. Use basic features such as touch screen, icons, notifications and quick setting panels, Home and Apps screen, opening Apps, Installing or uninstalling Apps, Enter text and use power saving feature
  3. Personalise the Smartphone by: Switching to easy mode, managing home and apps screens, changing screen lock methods, setting wall paper and changing ring
  4. Connect to a mobile or wifi network ,use download booster, using Smart network switch and tethering devices and using mobile hotspots
  5. Use the Smartphone to make calls and receive calls
  6. Add contacts and manage contacts
  7. Using the Charger and Powerbanks
  8. Front and Back – buttons, sensors, microphone and speaker placement (as identified on each person’s physical phone)
  9. Using a Touchscreen vs physical buttons on old phones
  10. Gestures and the Notification & Navigation area (overview only, unless the class is tech savvy)
  11. Apps vs Widgets with repositioning
  12. Lock screen / home / apps – Settings such as Smart Stay, changing lock screen time, font size, volume (mute/vibrate/DND)
  13. WiFi vs SIM card
  14. Apps & Google Play – setting up a Gmail account
  15. Contacts, Calls & Whatsapp
  16. Email
  17. Google Maps
  18. Camera – basic features and sharing a photo
  19. Tripview lite – trains/buses/ferries
  20. S Planner vs aCalendar – optional if there is time/interest.

You MUST bring your own Android Smartphone to be able to learn from this course. Please make sure that your Smartphone is fully charged. If your phone brand isn’t listed here, give us a call to confirm:

  • (Samsung Galaxy s4 and above)
  • Huawei
  • LG
  • Google
  • OnePlus

Please make sure you select courses and enrol at the level appropriate to your skills and needs. NO REFUND and NO TRANSFER if you enrol in the wrong course.

The learning pathway shall consist of face-to-face delivery involving class room demonstrations; discussions; practical tasks; group activities; Q & A and one-on-one support.

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