Ancient Greek Beginners 4

This course is for those who have a limited knowledge of Classical Greek grammar. We read passages in Greek abridged from original sources, providing an insight into the culture. Through reading we build on essential grammar and vocabulary.

TEXT: Reading Greek: Text and Vocabulary and Reading Greek: Grammar and Exercises, 2nd edition, Joint Association of Classical Teachers' Greek Course (JACT), Cambridge University Press.

Based on the JACT course from Section 4, we shall cover basic Grammar Topics and questions of syntax introduced through graded reading, including:

  • Verbs – conjugation of active and middle verbs in imperfect, future and introduction to aorist tenses.
  • Participles – forms and usage.
  • Nouns – consolidation of 3rd declension nouns.
  • Adjectives and pronouns.
  • Integrated discussion of culture and literature.

PLANNED LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Be able to read and understand easy passages abridged from Classical Greek writers.
  2. Have developed skills for learning an inflected language.

If you are a new WEA Student and enrol into a language class and subsequently find that you are at the wrong level (whether too high or too low), you are permitted to transfer into another more suitable class at no additional cost, provided that the request is made within the first two classes and is in writing from your tutor directly to the Education Manager. After that point, an administration fee of $30 will apply.