Andre Gide: A Fearless Love of Truth

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Andre Gide was once considered one of the greatest writers and intellect of his age. Discuss his rather complex personal life, his fascinating novels, his famous journals and some of his great failures.


  • The delicate young writer – How Gide determined to become a writer and how his writing career developed
  • Immoral morals – Gide’s life reflected in his literary art
  • Proust and the Belle Epoque – Gide as Parisian tastemaker
  • The lifelong habit – the tremendous achievement of his journals

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Have a deeper knowledge of some of Andre, and use this knowledge to enrich their reading lives.
  2. Comprehend the ways in which morals, sexuality and social expectations mould creative lives and outputs.
  3. Take their knowledge to broaden their literary experience beyond the course.
  4. Understand how in the early part of the 20h century Paris was such a hub of creativity, innovation and experiment.