Anarchism - A History

The long and complex history of the movement against all authority tells us much about ourselves and our way of being today. We examine the struggles to create a system of government which emphasises the creative individual in communion with others; the joy and demands of collective action in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; the bloody failures and the continuation of hope through close analysis of the writings of anarchists and their biographers.



  • The body – anarchist conceptualisations of the body and self. - forming a self in theory and in practice, romanticism, individualism, no god no master, God, anarcha-feminism, birth control, violence, pain.
  • State and Capital 1- theories of the State, imagery and iconography, Capital and the State, the Russian Anarchists.
  • State and Capital 2 – theories of the State, Theorists in Europe and the U.S., Syndicalism, Situationism, Australia, Indigenous activists and Anarchism .
  • Practice – The Paris Commune, Spain 1936, projects.
  • Earth- ecology, Gaia, Nuclear War theory and practice.

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