Develop a Media Plan

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Develop a Media Plan

This course is all about being able to interpret an advertising brief to develop a media plan within a given budget.<br/><p><br/>This course is broken up into four (4) sections. They are:</p><ol><li>

Self paced
Approximately 60 hours
180 maximum days to complete
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This course is all about being able to interpret an advertising brief to develop a media plan within a given budget.

This course is broken up into four (4) sections. They are:

  1. Define Media Requirements
  2. Select Media Vehicles
  3. Determine the Media Schedule
  4. Produce a Media Plan

At the conclusion of this course, you will be asked to complete an assessment. The information contained in this resource will assist you to complete this task.

Define Media Requirements

  • Identify the target audience characteristics from the advertising brief and prepare a detailed consumer profile which uses the same terms as those used to describe media audiences
  • Analyse product market factors to determine the reach and frequency requirements of advertising media selected
  • Analyse the creative requirements of the advertising message and determine the media implications
  • Identify media merchandising requirements from the advertising brief
  • Confirm the media budget and identify legal and voluntary constraints
  • Assessment - ‘True’ or ‘False’ Quiz.

Select Media Vehicles

  • Weigh up the relative merits of identified media vehicle alternatives taking past media performance into account
  • Evaluate and test new or alternative media vehicles with other advertisers and against proven vehicles
  • Select media vehicles that target the required audience, meet media requirements and fulfil merchandising requirements within the budget
  • Ensure selected media vehicles meet legal and ethical requirements
  • Assessment - ‘True’ or ‘False’ Quiz.

Determine the Media Schedule

  • Ensure the duration and timing of the media schedule meet the requirments of the advertising brief
  • Determine the distribution of messages over the duration of the schedule to meet the requirements of the advertising brief
  • Create a media schedule for the advertiser within the budget
  • Determine testing schedule for the media plan and continually modify media plan in accordance with results obtained
  • Assessment - ‘True’ or ‘False’ Quiz.

Produce a Media Plan

  • Create a media plan which defines the media requirements of the advertising brief and provides evidence to support each requirement
  • Specify the recommended media and vehicle/s, and the rationale for their selection in the media plan
  • Ensure the media plan contains a budget allocation per medium per advertising period
  • Identify the anticipated impact of the advertising and measures to assess its effectiveness in the media plan
  • Assessment - ‘True’ or ‘False’ Quiz.


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