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Coordinate Cooking Operations

$70 Limited inc GST
Coordinate Cooking Operations

Some kitchens are unorganised chaos. Some are efficient and productive. What do you think creates these very different environments?<br/><p><br/>How much does the person conducting the daily

Self paced
Approximately 60 hours
180 maximum days to complete
2017-12-11 2017-12-11
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$70 Limited inc GST
Some kitchens are unorganised chaos. Some are efficient and productive. What do you think creates these very different environments?

How much does the person conducting the daily operation of a kitchen influence its efficiency and productivity?

Take a moment to think about what skills and knowledge the senior chef, catering manager or others in charge of the kitchen must have to create an efficient and productive working environment.

Basic management skills such as planning and organisation, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, analysis and critical thinking will help you successfully o-ordinate a kitchen’s operation, regardless of the type of business or kitchen in which you work.

In this unit we look at how you can apply these essential skills when coordinating food production in commercial kitchen.


  • Section 1: Plan food production requirements.
  • Section 2: Organise availability of supplies for the food production period.
  • Section 3: Coordinate kitchen operations.
  • Section 4: Monitor the quality of kitchen outputs.


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